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1. Here's Vince drilling

2. These are all the major components: rotors, calipers, spindles and brackets.

3. C.H. Topping recommends drilling the rotors for better performance. Here, the sections between the vents are marked for drilling.

4. Venting the rotors must be done directionally. Here, Vince from C.H. Topping shows the direction for the right front.

5. Vince also vents the drums for greater performance and longer shoe life.

6. The holes are carefully drilled on a press, in the hollow portions of the rotor.

7. Our larger, 12 inch rotor vented for optimum performance, as compared to an undrilled rotor on the right.

8. Better braking begins with better pads. Here, the stock Camaro pad, below, is compared to a Suburban pad to show the difference in material size. The Suburban pad fits on the stock Camaro caliper, but not on the aluminum caliper.

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