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9. The stock 10-inch rotor and stock caliper. One outing on the track burned up the brale pads.

10. The new spindle bolts right in. It is slightly smaller than the stock one.

11. With the rotor and caliper off, the stock spindle can be replaced with the new one.

12. The mounting bracket bolts onto the spindle as shown, using a 1.75 x 20-inch bolt on top and a 1.75 x 35 bottom. Both need to be grade 8.

13. When removing the spindle with a fork, be careful not to damage the rubber surrounding the ball joints.

14. These are the bolts you need to get from Chevrolet. The top bolts hold the caliper bracket to the plate on the spindle and have loctite on them. The two on the right secure the brake line to the caliper. The two washers and nuts are for the front bearings.

15. Here, you can see how the caliper maunting bracket bolts onto the spindle bracket from behind. It should fit tightly, but shouldn't touch the rotor.

16. The rotors are then installed with new bearing and seals. Make sure the bolt lock washer and cotter pin that you have are the right size.

17. This is how the entire assembly should look with the caliper mounted and with Aeriquip hoses.

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