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Adapting A Dual-Chamber Master Cylinder
to a Stock '35-41 Ford Pedal Assembly
by Jerry Slattery

C.H. Topping offers two complate kits.

The stock Ford under-floor pedal assembly may now have some additional value with the advent of this adapter kit, especially for those attempting to use the stock '35-41 master cylinder. The same three bolt single chamber master cylinder and push rod was used by Ford from "35-41 on their under-floor pedal assemblies. C.H. Topping and company in Long Beach, California has two kits available that will allow you to replace the stock three-bolt single chamber master to a two-bolt dual-chamber master cylinder. Why two kits? Owner Vince Bunting gets a lot of call from builders who are working on a limited budget. Knowing this, he's made one kit that includes all the items you;ll nee to just bolt it together using basic hand tools (no $25-80 double flaring tool or tube bender needed for this kit). If you have all the tools, experience and extra time, then the Stage II kit is right for you. It includes a length of brake line and all the tube nuts, adapters and more to plumb the system. Both kits include the master cylinder and adapter plate with bolts, and depending on your brake situation (e.g., drum/drum or drum/disc) residual check valves and proportioning valves are available. Remember, this is a full service performance brake shop that will have everything you need on the shelf. Be sure to discuss your brake system with Vince to get all the correct line nuts, adapter fittings, check valves and brake light switch with T-adapter that comes with the kit. Any custom kits can be assembled for your special needs.


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