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C.H. Topping & Company
520 W. Esther St., Long Beach, CA 90813 (562) 432-0901


1. Here is what the new power dual bore master cylinder from C.H. Topping looks like compared to the original single-bore cylinder.

2. Disconnect the old cylinder and unbolt it from the frame. The pedal arm pivot comes off, allowing you to remove the pedal and arm.

3. Here is how the old pedal is mounted in the new dual-bore assembly.

4. You will have to drill two new holes in your truck's frame to accommodate the new master cylinder mounting bracket.

5. Here is how the tubing feeding the front and rear wheel cylinders attaches.

6. This is how the new master cylinder looks in place. With the engine back in, you will hardly notice it's there.

7. Here is where the vacuum line from the intake manifold connects to the booster.

8. Be sure to use vacuum hose and not fuel line for the booster pump. Fuel line will collapse during use.

9. This same dual-bore power brake setup can be used with disc brakes if you use the correct master cylinder. The one at the top with equal chambers is for drum brakes all around.

10. What a difference a few little holes can make. Vented drum brakes can perform as well as discs for half the price.