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5) The drums are laid out with a special pattern, but one that is quite different from  the rotors. Our drums received a two hole pattern, that swerved back and forth across the width of the drum. Vince fabricated a special fixture with rollers to facilitate drilling of the drums.

6) Once drilled, the drums are turned true and special Fren-Do shoes arced to match. Arcing ensures that the full surface of the shoe makes contact with the drum.

7) Reworked vented drum (left) ready to go onto our project Westfalia. Wince recommends a thorough inspection and cleaning of the entire brake system during any brake job. We found our rear wheel cylinders to be badly corroded and in need of replacement. (right)

8) The installed drum; note how hole pattern crosses its face.

9) Special 3-2-3 hole pattern on rotors is designed to improve braking efficiency and life.

10) Vince and Tom of C.H. Topping putting the final touches on our camper.

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