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1) Vince remove the hub caps and marks the rotor stud closest to where the valve stem is located with chalk. He then removes the front wheels and inspects the entire brake system. He looks for any unusual wear, leakage, or worn parts. The rotors should be installed on the same side of the car, so he marks the rotors in order to identify their proper position during re-assembly.

2) He extracts some brake fluid from the master cylinder.

3) Vince removes the caliper from its mount. It's not necessary to detach the brake lines. He is careful not to
hang the caliper by the attached brake line as this will
cause damage.

4) Vince then removes the rotor assembly.

5) Bunting extracts the bearings from inside the hub
and inspects them for wear, replacing them if necessary.
A plastic hammer is used to tap out the rear bearings. He places a soft disk against the bearings when tapping
them out.

6) The bearings are cleaned with degreaser.