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1) Joe Belsha of Long Beach CA, owns this clean '29 Ford phaeton with four wheel discs. Vince Bunting, owner of C.H. Topping Brake Service is inspecting the fruit jar before removing it safely.

2) The under-floor brake pedal operated the fruit jar, mounted on a frame bracket between the frame and trans. Notice the brake light switch threads into the bottom of the casting boss. It will need to be relocated by the T'ing it into either the front or rear brake line.

3) This is why you should change your master cylinder to a dual-chamber type. If you blow a brake line with a single chamber master cylinder, all braking is lost. With the dual-chamber type, only half the system is lost, and you can still stop the car. The dual-chambert casting measures about seven inches from the mounting flange to the end of the casting, while the fruit jar isabout five and one half inches. The dual-chamber, 7/8 inch bore master will increase the pressure, and stop the car with less effort than the one inch bore, single-chamber fruit jar.


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