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Ventilated Disc Brake by Frank Hamilton

These days, it seems a lot of attention is devoted to the performance and cosmetic aspects of compact cars while less devotion is reserved for safety. If a car can look good and move quickly that's great. However, if the same car can't brake just as well, it makes little or no sense to drive an unsafe vehicle.

It is a good idea to have your brake system inspected and maintained regularly. This article will concentrate on how to effectively increase your braking action through disc brake ventilation. Braking can be increased by as much as 30 percent and brake pad life can be substantiality extended by this procedure, so you can see that there are at least two good reasons for ventilating your brakes.

The obvious advantage to ventilating disk brakes is in the fact that existing components are used in their modified form. This means there are no extra items to add onto the braking system. Ventilating was originally started by motorcycle enthusiasts in a quest for better stopping in wet road conditions. They found by drilling holes in the brake rotor, they would be able to drain water off and stop in shorter distances. Not only does ventilating work well in adverse weather, but it is also advantageous under normal circumstances as it allows the rotors to cool down much faster resulting in better braking action.

We visited C.H. Topping & Co. in Long Beach California to find out how ventilation is done. Vince Bunting is the owner of the machine shop whose motto is "The best in stopping." Vince show us how this job is done as photos follow the fairly simple procedure. All the fine details should be noted throughout this text in order to ensure that the job is done right the first time. If you have any questions about this procedure. or would like your disk brakes ventilated call C.H. Topping & Co. at (562) 432-0901 or write them at 520 W. Esther St., Long Beach, CA 90813 or click on the address at the bottom of this page to email them.

Please do not attempt this job yourself. The staff at C.H. Topping will be happy to do it for you. Estimates are free and installation varies according to each job.


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